Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Packaging

How was your most recent beauty product purchase package? Boxed in additional retail packaging, plastic wrap, glass, or plastic jar/bottle? Waste is a concern in the entire Beauty and Cosmetic industry. Items need to be packaged to retain efficacy, and shelf life, and to prevent leaks. But your wastebasket is full after a trip to your local drug store! The US produced 35.7 billion tons of plastic in 2018. That’s 12% of all municipal solid waste according to the EPA.

Bedlington Supplies uses glass whenever possible. It has the highest percentage of recyclability. We use plastic for all shower/bath items as a safety precaution. Our plastic contains Recycle #1 or #2 in an attempt to improve its chance in the single-stream recycling process. We don’t use additional retail packaging or boxing; it only goes into the trash.

Environmental Impact
There are 3 main factors that impact our environment. 1) Plastic is made from crude oil, which will eventually become unsustainable as the need for energy sources increases. 2) The Plastic production process consumes a large amount of energy. But any Alternative product will have its own manufacturing cost as well. This is a potential net sum. 3) Single Stream recycling isn’t perfect. With the various plastics introduced into the recycling process, many of them are filtered out and set in landfills. The numbers on your bottles don’t mean as much as you think.

Recycled Plastics are increasing in volume. But they are limited in sizing and secondary use.
Organic Materials such as hemp can be used for packing and packaging. But not all organic products are fully compostable. Glass will always be a great choice. It can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.

There are many options, and they are gaining traction in the industry. As more consumers demand eco-friendly options, costs will come down and options will increase. Do the research and choose the best option for your company and your customer.

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