Exhibitor Spotlight: Bedlington Supplies

The vegan movement is undeniable. The effects are rippling through various segments in the retail industry. But none more so than the beauty industry. Consumers are looking for organic, vegan, all-natural products. And the key buzzwords are now “sustainable”, “eco-friendly”, and “cruelty-free”. What’s surprising is the mainstream shift towards these products. In the UK 56% of customers purchase vegan beauty products, but 39% do not actually identify as vegan!

Other numbers help paint a broader picture for the direction of the beauty industry. Grandview Research conducted a study in May 2018. Based on their data 2017 saw a market value of US$12.9 billion. This is expected to grow to US$20.8 billion by two 2025. Consumers are more ethically conscious and driven than ever before. The rest of the industry is continuing to evolve to meet the demands for our information-driven consumers.

At Bedlington supplies, we meet these needs by finding appropriate substitutes for our Wholesale and Retail customers. We find the correct substitute based on product efficacy and consistency. How can you find these? Most labels have symbols or directly state “Vegan.” Look at the ingredients and see if there are any animal by-products. You can always contact the brand directly for additional information.
•Animal Based Ingredient
•Plant Substitutes
•Soy Waxes
•Vegetable Glycerin
•Goats Milk
•Shea Butter, Aloe Vera
•Animal Fat
•Palm Oil, other Vegetable-Based Oils
•Shea Butter, Coconut Butter

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